Introducing Will Hankinson as Dragon Army’s studio head

By Jeff Hilimire, CEO

We’re coming up on our one year anniversary at Dragon Army and I’ve had the chance over the last several weeks - due to some incredible trips to Alaska and Germany - to step back and reflect on just how far we’ve come and where we stand today. And I came to a pretty startling revelation.

Over the last year, my view point has been that before we make a game, we should be able to a) market the game to a broad audience and b) monetize the game effectively. I’ve been looking at our game development through that lens and guiding the team accordingly.

Sounds reasonable, right? We shouldn’t make a game that we don’t think we can get enough people to play and that we can’t monetize. Unfortunately, I now realize that’s the wrong way to build an engaging consumer product.

Inspiring consumer products and games - Google, Super Mario Bros., Apple, Minecraft, Facebook, etc. - are all born from a passionate group of people that say to themselves, “The world MUST see this!” They are driven to make the best product they can and they rally together to bring their vision to life.

They do not start by worrying about the market. And they don’t start by worrying about how to make money. Their vision is pure and that’s where true greatness comes from.

Terrific games find a market and have no problem making money. If it’s entertaining, people will play it (and pay for it). 

What I have at Dragon Army is an exceptional team. I love these guys and they’ve been constrained by the way I thought this business should be run. So from here on out, the studio will decide what we make, and how we make it, with very little constraints from yours truly.

And now that the team is free to build what they want, they need a leader who can help them realize their full potential and build THE GREAT Game.

I’m happy to announce that Will Hankinson has been promoted to the studio head of Dragon Army. Outside of being a tremendously talented game developer, Will has a vision for our studio that I fully believe in, and I can’t wait to see where he and the team take us.

Onward and upward!

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